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          Renters Insurance

          You finally have your own place. You know where the nearest coffee shop is, which pizza place to order from and who lives close by. But what about protecting all your stuff in your new space? ERIE can help.

          How We Protect You

          Why do I need renters insurance?

          Living expenses

          After a covered loss, you may need somewhere to stay while your building gets repaired. Your renters policy provides coverage for additional living expenses such as lodging, food, and other costs.(Consult your policy for limits.)

          Liability protection

          Coverage for damage to property of others, or for other people who are injured or harmed accidentally while visiting your home.

          Protection away from home

          It covers your liability and personal property everywhere you go -- anywhere in the world.

          We've got you covered

          Your things are important to you. A policy from Erie Insurance^ can protect your belongings after a covered loss.

          Your landlord's policy

          Your building's insurance policy most likely does not cover your personal belongings.

          ^See individual policies for specific coverage details. Certain terms and limitations may apply. Refer to our disclaimer.
          *Medical payments for someone other than the insured or tenants in the household.

          I’ve had auto insurance with ERIE for years, and I recently added renters insurance. I had a time sensitive issue with getting my renters insurance properly set up, but Jamie immediately took care of everything.

          Without her excellent customer care, I would have had to delay my move-in day. I’m so glad I have such a responsive carrier and agency for my personal insurance!
          Jessica S., Allentown, Pa.

          Talk to a local agent

          All of your prized possessions can be protected by ERIE. You’ll even get your own local insurance advisor who can help you navigate through the sometimes-confusing insurance process. Find out why it makes sense to do business with ERIE. Get in touch with us today and ask about the auto/renters discount.


          Discover the Erie Difference


          Erie Insurance has been ?helping people for more ?than 90 years.


          Combine your auto and renters insurance and you may be pleasantly surprised about how affordable the coverage is.


          The number of independent ERIE agents ready to help. Find a local agent now.


          Protect your belongings with renters insurance.

          ready to get started?